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Empowered women can play an important role in the socio-economic
development if given proper guidance, support and opportunity.


Our Impact

My Women Support (MWS) is an example of what a difference an empowered woman can make in community.

The connections we make with clients and other agencies create strong communities that facilitate new beginnings and foster a supportive, safe space. Ensuring the dignity and privacy of our clients is at the core of our organization. We do this by supporting them on their unique journeys to a brighter future.

Community Award: The Jewels Of Mississauga East, Coosksville Small Business Award

Our impact takes many forms. 

► MWS elevate Personalities through Counselling: Our unique way of counselling where clients tells their story and together we fill the gaps that are identified, leading towards solution.

► MWS strengthen skills Through Professional Development: Our skill analysis and development methodology, geared towards women, inspire our clients to develop employable skills, social networks and experience that help them overcome a struggle with unemployment, language and cultural barriers, and social isolation.

► MWS build social networks: Our clients have the opportunity to meet new people, develop their communication and social skills and explore opportunities while building their individual sense of self, confidence levels, and comfort.

► MWS benefit the economy: As widely used” When Women Succeeds, Everyone Succeeds” we make this statement happen.

Our Support


MWS Personal

Our advisory team is here to help you setting your personal goal and solving your issues in a compassionate manner.

• Family counselling & mediation
• Teen matters
• Domestic violence & abuse
Life skill Coaching


MWS Professional

Canadian job market is tricky but not impossible to enter or to re-enter, if you take in the right path with our guidance. 


• Career Assessment
• Resume writing and proof reading
• Canadian Experience Requirement Guide
• Skill Development


MWS Mentorship

Our mentors are community members, are experts in their fields, who knows knowledge increases when you share it. They provide support in career development to our diverse clientele of individuals/businesses and assist them to reach their full potential. 

• One-to-One & Group Sessions
• Specialized Lectures & Experiential Workshops


MWS Business

We facilitates the growth of theming women entrepreneurs. MWS can guide you at all stages of business whether you are planning to start ew business or expanding your setup. Thinking of buying a franchise or at the preliminary stage of what kind of business match your skills and resources. We can help you in:


Idea Generation & Business Plan

Market Research, Loans & Grants

Our Care

The following community initiatives and business ideas were successfully organized and launched by our members during past years.


  • Raised Funds through “Penny Walk and Drive” for Mississauga Food Bank: Arranged a walk around the block and a workshop on women and Bone health with Dr. Kishwar Jamal. The participants were asked to contribute in pennies.
  • Promoted RISE Pilot Project in the women community in 2014.
  • Directed and marketed products by women entrepreneurs at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Dixie Bloor Neighborhood Center.
  • Promoted HUB Program and Readiness Centre at Havenwood P.S. within the community and provided all relevant information to interested families (2005-2006).
  • Promoted services provided by Ontario Early Years, HUB, Dixie Bloor Neighborhood Center within the community (2005-2006).


  • Food (Catering, Franchising etc.)
  • Health Needs (Seniors, Mental Health, Youth Counselling etc.)
  • Education (Tutoring, Program & Curriculum Development etc.)
  • Hair and Beauty (Salon, Spa, Licensing etc.)
  • IT & Computer Technology (Computer Repair, Software Development, Technology Transformation etc.)
  • International Trade (Import, Export, Franchising, Licensing etc.)


  • Time Management Related to Parenting, Personal Change Management, How to Deal with New Life Style – Post Immigration & Starting A Home-Based Business
  • Volunteering - The First Step, Everyday English, Canadian Accent, Guide to ECE Education - Step by Step Procedure & Teaching in Ontario - Complete Guide

Our Programs

Our Events

Through education, support, training, leadership development, coaching and mentoring women from the community, My Women Support (MWS) successfully held Meet n Greet events that promoted local talents and businesses as well as provide networking Platform.

► Conducted “Each One Teach One” Program: In EOTO workshops woman from the local community shared their ideas and skills with other women. This helps them with their presentation skills, learning skills and nurtures a sense of belonging (Monthly/Quarterly/On-Demand).

► Arranged and facilitated health related workshops covering topics on bone health, mental health, skin care, children’s health & pregnancy (Monthly/Quarterly/On-Demand).

► Organized various English Language workshops and one-to-one sessions within the Community (On-Demand).

► Conducted counselling sessions with women related to domestic violence, empowerment and self-reliance (Quarterly/On-Demand).

► Supported New Canadian Immigrants and coordinated with SMEs to resolve their immigrants’ problems including but not limited to Health, Continuing Education, Immigration and Settlement.

Our women community building events:

► Organized “Paint Workshops”: Paint workshop for women

► Organized Community gathering in 2013 with women volunteers.

► Successfully organized Community “Our Hour” Program - where group of women from different backgrounds, shared their knowledge, experience and skills with each other including health and fitness, culinary art n crafts etc.

► Organized community event “Meet n Greet - 2012” at Burnhamthorpe Community Center, with a team of women and youth volunteers.

► Organized community event “Meet n Greet - 2009” at Burnhamthorpe Public School Auditorium, with a team of women and youth volunteers. A fun filled event where local community youth shared their Art. Selected work was displayed at the Public Library.

► Organized Fund Raising Event “Meet n Greet – 2005” in collaboration with Ontario Early Years and Havenwood Public School to generate funds for UNICEF South Asian Earthquake Relief Program. Special thanks to Judy Cantwell (PDSB), Jackie (Ontario Early Years Hub), Lata Pada Founder of Samapradaya Dance Academy & Rukhsana Khan, An Award-winning Children Book Author.



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